Nyepi Day in Bali

Nyepi Day in Bali

Nyepi Day in Bali is March 28 2017.

Nyepi Day is unlike most holiday celebrations in one HUGE way. Bali celebrates the Saka New Year with the Bali day of silence - the quietest day of the year. All of the action and sounds of Bali comes to a halt. The roads are empty, shops are closed and nobody leaves their homes.  

The unique day of silence marks the turn of the Saka calendar of western Indian origin, one among the many calendars assimilated by Indonesia’s diverse cultures, and among two jointly used in Bali. The Saka is 78 years behind the Gregorian calendar, and follows a lunar sequence. Nyepi follows after a new moon.

Before ‘the silence’, highlight rituals essentially start three days prior to Nyepi, with colourful processions known as the Melasti pilgrimages. Pilgrims from various village temples all over Bali convey heirlooms on long walks towards the coastlines where elaborate purification ceremonies take place. It is one of the best times to capture on camera the iconic Balinese processions in motion, as parasols, banners and small effigies offer a cultural spectacle.

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